Monday, November 15, 2010

Its a Party!!!

My friend JoAnna is hosting an Online Scentsy Party as we speak!!! If you are in need of super fun christmas gifts, new scents, or even any info, if you don't know what Scenty is let me know!!!

If you what to purchase any products go here, click on JoAnna's Party and start shopping!!!
I promise you will love everything you order!!

Here are a few of my favorites!!!

Winter Wonderland (peppermint)
Silver Bells (Scent of the Month)
Coconut Lemongrass
Black Raspberry Vanilla ( i love this one so much I bought a brick of it)!
They even have great stuff for kids like Scentsy Buddies and do it yourself warmers where you can choose the warmer and add cute decals to decorate it!!!

Ali has this cute Pig! I thought she would be too old for it but she loves it and it keeps her room smelling so good, I may even buy one for Mitch just to keep his room from smelling!!!

Let me know if you have any questions and don't for get go to my online store!

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