Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Following the rules!

Is anyone else out there a rule follower like I am?? Well for most things at least. I seem to be getting so annoyed lately because I am following rules and others aren't. These are not huge rules just average everyday things like dropping kids off or picking kids up from school!

It seems like because I try to follow the rules I am always the one being held up or missing something or being late etc.

Picking the kids up from school yesterday.......this school has a horrible parking lot and if you don't get there early enough to be in the front of the pick up line then you get stuck out in the street in the middle of, they have an area for parents to wait at until that line shortens and you are able to move ahead to pick up your kid. So, when I didn't get there in time to go to the front of the line, I went around to the parent waiting area and waited behind another car that I assumed was doing the same. I waited and waited and waited.....that car never moved into the pick up line. I was watching other cars from the street come in and get right in the line while I was sitting there, and had been sitting there for 10 minutes! Finally I decided that since the car was not moving, I would go around it and get in the pick up line when I noticed a girl coming from the school with the child she had walked in to the school to get, walking toward the car. I had been sitting behind for now 15 minutes!!! Maybe I should have figured it out but maybe she should have parked in a parking space rather than in the waiting to pick up a kid line!!!!

So bugged!!!

Dropping Ali off this morning you are asked to go to the drop off area rather than the front of the school as not to get in the way of the buses. I was doing just that when the car behind me sped up went past me and dropped his kid off in the bus lane in front of all the other cars that were waiting in the drop off lane like they were supposed to be doing! So Bugged!

Picking Mitch up from school there were too many buses in the driveway so I was stuck in the street waiting to turn into the school. I couldn't go anywhere. People behind me were honking and yelling at me to go around the buses and move out of the street. I knew I was doing what I was supposed to be doing but I finally got so frustrated with the honking and yelling that I tried to go around the buses just so I could at least get out of the street. And because I did that, I got yelled at by the person from the school who was directing traffic and had to back all the way out of the driveway past the buses and back into traffic... so so so mad! This time I was so mad that I ended up going down the street, turning around and going home...without Mitch I might add... A few minutes later I went back to the school knowing the buses would be gone and guess what .....he was gone too!!! He ended up walking home since he couldn't find me!!! (which really was fine because I think he should walk everyday).

Why, am I the one always getting the punishment for following the rules??? I think in order to get through life maybe it's easier not to follow the rules...Or maybe it just easier not to follow the rules when dropping off and picking kids up from school!

What do you think? Are you a rule follower because I think i'm deciding against it!


JoAnna said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I hear ya loud and clear! It is so annoying!! And it seems to be the worst at the schools!! It drives me completely batty. When I see parents jaywalking at Elementary schools, I can't believe it! What are you teaching your kids and all the kids around you?! Come on people!!!!

kim said...

I must say I would be so bugged!!! That would make for a bad day! Keep following the rules. Take a deep breath and let the people honk. You know you are doing the right thing. Keep being the leader, let them follow.