Monday, November 22, 2010

A week of Thanks!

I decided since Thanksgiving is this week I will do a post everyday giving thanks to someone or something so I guess I have to start with ............


What can I say about Brandon! I am so thankful for how hard he works to make a good life for myself and our kids! I do not know a harder worker and I can honestly say that!!! He teaches me every day about hard work and what it means to give 110% at everything you do. And even though I don't follow in his footsteps most of the time yes, I do listen and learn a lot from him!!!

He is a way better dad than I am a mom. He teaches me how to think in ways that I usually don't and how to teach our kids in ways that I usually don't. There are many times where I think that he could probably do a much better job than I at being the stay at home mom because he really does teach the kids better plus he cooks, he is much more organized than I am which means yes he cleans (sometimes) but he is very anal and can't stand to have things cluttered, unorganized, messy etc. Yup, he is definitely a better housekeeper too!

He is such a good dad and his kids mean the world to him. He trys so hard to spend as much time as he can with each of them and still feels bad that he doesn't have more time with them.

I know he thinks I don't realize how hard he works and how hard it is to go to work everyday and deal with lots of different people and personalities and I do take for granted what he goes through everyday. But I hope he knows that I really, really appreciate him for everything he does and goes through for our little family!!!

I love you B!! Thank you so much for being the best dad and hubby!!

Thank You!

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