Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Basketball time

Mitch made the Jr. High baskteball team. Now, when I was in Jr. High being on the basketball team wasn't really a big deal. I think they only played the other team of kids from our school but out here in Ohio, sports are HUGE and being on the team no matter what grade you're in is a big deal. The 7th grade has 2 different teams. Conference and Non-conference. Mitch made the Non-conference team and has been starting almost every game. They have had a bit of a rough time having only won I think 3 of their 6 games but he is having fun.

You wouldn't believe how much time is spent on sports in 7th grade! He has practice everyday for almost 2 hours and then on game days he goes straight from school to the game where they practice until start time and then play the game for a hour and then they have to stay after to watch the 8th grade team play. Any yes, just like in High School, they have to dress up every game day. Seriously, we are running out of dress shirts. You would think that for a kid that goes to church every Sunday and has to dress up, this would not be a problem but dressing up for School twice a week, is really not working out that well for us!!!!!

Anyway, its a lot of fun to watch him play (even if I do have to pay to get in to every game) and I am so proud of him for working hard and making the team!!! Way to go Mitch!!!!
***Oh and yes, he was able to get his favorite number 25 which just happens to be Brandon's college football number!!!!***

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kim said...

Nice job Mitch! You are one talented boy. We miss you guys!