Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Our friends from Utah...The Watsons came to visit us after Christmas. We lived across the street from them just before we moved to Seattle and became great friends. They were only here for a weekend but we had such a great time.

Ali was too little when we moved to remember them but she was so excited to have them stay with us. Its always fun for her when we have visitors that will actually pay attention for her and spend time with her and she definitely got some attention from Josalyn.

They played American Girl Dolls and Josalyn taught Ali how to french braid. Ali was in heaving doing fun girl things all weeknd!!! I wasn't feeling great that weekend so I didn't take many pictures. But we had a fun time going to a super nice resturant for dinner and hangin out with each other just catching up on life. Nate and Josalyn spent a lot of time in Kirtland and had a great time seeing some Church sites. What a fun weekend it is to have friends visit!!! We miss you guys!!!

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