Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blame it on the Rain

Well, if you haven't heard, our city has been named a catastrophe area and we happen to be one of the lucky ones to get hit with flooding!!! Yup, I walked downstairs Monday morning after a huge rain storm Sunday night and was surprised when my feet squished into the wet carpet! Everything that was on the floor in any part of the basement....ruined. And after having the clean-up crew out here last night, it sounds like there is more damage than we thought there would be. We will have to replace carpet, moldings, the built in desks and possibly some of the walls. Just great! Hopefully, it will be insurance replacing all of it not us! Kind of a nightmare especially when I really can't do that much to help. Brandon spent hours sucking water out of the carpet with a carpet cleaner. Ali helped too. Brandon moved furniture, Ali helped too.

I've made phone call after phone call to the insurance company, to people to come asses the damage, to clean-up companies, insurance adjustors, claims people etc.

And the sad part about this whole thing is that I know there are other people in our area that got it way worse than we did!

Basement Monday Morning!
Basement Now!!! (no carpet, closet doors removed etc)


JoAnna said...

That's awful!! Shoot! Good luck with it all!

kim said...

Oh man! That's horrible. I wish we could do something to help you out.