Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A visit from Kimmy and Sawyer

I wasn't feeling much like taking pictures while they were here but we always love to have Kim and Saywer come visit us. The NCAA College gymnastics meet was here in Cleveland this year so we were excited to have Kimmy (our favorite gymnast)and grandma come so we could all go to the meet together and we were so excited that the University of Utah was competing so we could see them as well.
Ali of course was so excited to have Kimmy here to go to this meet with her as well as to go watch her at her gymnastics class.

(it was hard to get any good pictures at the gymnastics meet)

We had a great time with them. Didn't do a whole lot but it is always fun just to have my sisters (and mom) here to hang out with and its even better when they get stuck here and have to stay longer then they had planned! (they fly standby)!

Cute Sawyer and his frogs

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