Monday, June 20, 2011

30 Weeks

I'm kind of embarrased to post this picture! I am HUGE! I feel pretty big but I usually don't realize how big I really am until I see a picture of myself! Lets just hope I can loose it all quickly once this baby is born!
Week 30 nothing much has changed from week 28 other than we are down to seeing the dr. every 2 weeks now! YAY! It makes me feel like we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Baby boy is very active and even kicked the dr. at the last appt. We have started on his room but its not finished yet. I think it will be pretty cute though. Mitch especially loves to fill my tummy and watch baby boy move around.
Sleeping sucks~ pardon my "french" my hips and butt hurt all night long, my hands go numb and I toss and turn all night I guess the one thing that is good about it is that even though it's summer I have been waking up earlier than I usually would because i'm so uncomfortable that I just can't lay there anymore.
Still taking votes on a name....

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Anonymous said...

You look so cute! 30 weeks is awesome! Still love the name Brady, btw...I'm at 34 weeks, wish you were here to come to my "baby party" on Saturday, wanna fly out? :) Love ya, and I hear you on the sleeping thing. Do you have the wedge pillow for under your tummy yet? It really helps and get some wrist braces from Walgreens, not cute but hey anything for comfort! :)