Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Mitchie!!!

My Mitch! I love this kid so much. I worry about this kid so much!

I am definitely over protective when it comes to my kids and especially Mitch. And it's situations like we had this morning that keep me that way.

I got a phone call from the mother of one of his friends who told me Mitch and one other boy were blamed by some other kids (2 of whom he has never hung out with before until last night when they all ended up at our neighbors house, and will never hang out with again), for throwing glass soda bottles into the middle of the circle across the street from our house. Which then the 80 year old neighbor went out this morning and cleaned up.

Now, I know he is not perfect and I know he can get into trouble and doesn't always make the right decisions but I do know that my Mitch is a good kid. And more than that, he has so much anxiety and is so afraid of getting in trouble (by people other than his parents) that he usually does not do stupid things that he knows he will get in trouble for.

I worry so much about this kid. He is so timid, so afraid of sticking up for himself that people take advantage of him. I'm positive that the kids that threw these bottles knew that Mitch would be an easy target because he is so quiet and sensitive that he would just let it go and not worry about being blamed for something he did not do.

I continue to be the over protective mother because I'm tired of my kid always getting blamed for other peoples bad decisions! I know I can't shelter him from every kid I don't want him hanging out with but I also have to make sure that he is not surrounding himself with people that are doing the wrong things. I have to somehow help him learn to stick up for himself, choose the right friends (which for the most part he has done), make good decisions etc.
My Mitch! I love him so much, I hope I can guide him in the right direction and keep him safe!

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