Monday, June 6, 2011


Yay~ we finally hit the third trimester!!! I am 28 weeks (or 7 months) today!

I feel pretty good just hot and tired. Week 27 was MISERABLE!!! I pulled a muscle in my back painting the baby's room and it left me in so much pain that I didn't sleep for a week and could hardly move but it feels much better now.
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby boy. But Ali and I keep thinking he's going to be born and be a girl! What if they got it wrong???? AHHHHH!!!

We still haven't chosen a name and I this point we might just wait until he's born to decide. If it happens anything like Ali did, he won't have a name until the day we bring him home. We are still deciding between Boston and Brady but have talked about Levi (not sure how I like that one) and Tanner. Who knows! I did tell Mitch however, that if he hits a home run this season he can choose the name. That could have been a big mistake!

I go to the dr next week and then we are down to appts every 2 weeks which makes it seem a little bit closer to the end,Finally! I am enjoying all the movement and pretty much know that he will be moving all over the place early in the morning,late at night and while I am sleeping (or trying to sleep). He seems to like music and moves around a lot if there is loud noise around.

Here are some scary pictures Ali took of me after we went walking for an hour in the 90 degree heat this morning!!! How would you like to see this coming around the corner!!!! Frightening!


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our family said...

So cute!! I am just a tad bit jealous!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! I'm jealous!

Lauren -HCP said...

Looking good! I love your baby bump!!

kim said...

I love it! I think you look adorable!