Friday, June 3, 2011

The End

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of school for Mitch and Ali and even more, I can hardly believe that Mitch will be in 8th grade next year and Ali in 6th!

I'm quite sad about the whole thing!!! So sad that my babies are growing up!!! I really don't like it one bit!

I'm actually really happy for Mitch to be done with 7th grade. It was a hard year for all of us. He had some not so great teachers and it was a big change for him to move to Jr. High but we made it and are hoping that 8th grade will be a much smoother transition.

Ali had a great year and we are sad to see her leave her teachers. She had wonderful teachers and so loved them so much. I always hate when the kids have to move on after having such a great year! Hopefully next year will be just a good!

So now starts a Summer full of baseball, softball, football, even more gymnastics than we have already had, a few weekend baseball tournament trips, a camping trip with some of our friends and of boy coming in August!

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