Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ali's 11

My baby girl is growing up!!!

Ali spent her birthday with Brandon at work so Mitch and I didn't really see her much that day but we did get up early and give her some presents before they left.

She was super excited to get tickets to the Taylor Swift concert and a pass to the Avon Lake Pool but then if was off to a day at the office with dad. Actually, Brandon's work had Bring your kid sto work day and it just happened to be on her birthday so I sent in a few Justin Bieber decorations and a birthday cake so they could have a little celebration at the office and the rest of the time they had a bunch of activities planned for all the kids along with lots of food and a man that brought in a bunch of different animals.

Ali has been asking to go to work with Brandon for the last 1 1/2 that he has been with this company so she had a lot of fun, she even went in to a couple of Brandons meetings with him but decided to leave "because they were boring".

They went straight from work to Mitchell's baseball game where I met them and finally got to see my birthday girl. She had a really fun day I just wish I could have spent more of it with her.

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