Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Foot Notes"

*disclaimer~ some of the pics are kind of disgusting! so don't look if you have a weak stomach!*

I mentioned Alis foot in the last post. She scraped her foot in our driveway last Tuesday and I didn't really think much about it. Just another scrape that we cleaned up and thought would go away in a couple of days. Well, boy was I wrong!

She started out with a little bit of pain in the foot for a couple of days but by Thursday when we got to Kelley's Island it was starting to swell up and was painful to walk on. By Friday morning, the foot was even bigger it was hot and turing red and she had a fever I think, (we didn't have a thermometer with us to check). While the rest of us were at the beach, Brandon took Ali to find some Motrin & peroxide so we could at least try to keep it clean and my hope was that the Motrin might help the swelling a little bit but all it really did was help with the pain and keep her fever down.

Brandon, Mitch and I got up early Saturday morning and packed up camp because Mitch had to go to a baseball tryout. We let Ali sleep while I took the boys to catch the ferry. When she finally woke up, I thought her foot was actually looking a little bit better thinking that being off of it while she was sleeping was a good thing but as soon as she got up and started walking around it was getting bigger and bigger, more red and was even starting to turn purple! At that point I decided it was time to get her to the dr. so we packed up the tent (with the help of Jodi and Gavin), called the dr to try to get an appt, ate a little breakfast and headed home. I wasn't able to get her in to the dr but by the time we got into Avon Lake her whole foot and past her ankle were purple and huge so I stopped by the minute clinic to get their opinion, they took one look and said get to the ER now. I called Brandon to let him know we were on our way to the hospital and he and Mitch jumped in the car and met us there.

Poor Ali was sad and scared and did not want to go to the hospital but I am sooooo glad I got her there when I did. One thing about the emergency room is that they don't really tell you what they are thinking. They do a pretty good job of not letting you see that they are worried and trying to keep you calm but after an xray, blood tests and an IV antibiotic, they finally came back in and said well it's good news she does not have any broken bones or Gangrene!!! What!!! I almost freaked out that the were even considering Gangrene but like I said, they did a good job of not telling me until they knew for sure that she did not have it. Luckily she got to keep her foot!

Diagnosis~ Staph infection! Two different bacterias! yup, from our driveway! crazy! make your kids wear their shoes when they are playing outside!!!!!

Because of the discoloration of her foot the Dr wanted her to stay overnight for more IV antibiotics and to make sure her foot was reacting well to the antibiotics and we ended up being there a full 2 days. We spent a lot of time watching tv, tv and more tv! I can pretty much say that I don't ever want to watch another episode of Phineas and Ferb, or iCarly ever again!

Monday evening they finally let Ali come home on lots of antibiotics, ointments and foot soaks. She has to stay off of her foot as much as possible and get lots of rest! I guess there will be no gymnastics for a while! :(
spending her day on the floor with her feet up today!
I decided not to post the close up (Aunt Holli, Ali really wants you to see it so we will email it to you!) of the wound but, this is after 2 days of being on the IV so you can guess what it looked like before!
I didn't have my camera with me at the hospital and I can't get any of the pictures I took on my phone to download so I will post more when I get them to work!

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