Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelley's Island Camping 2011

First I have to say that I can't take credit for any of these pictures because I forgot my camera so thanks to Jodi for bring hers and giving me the fun pictures.

We had a great time camping on Kelley's Island with our friends the Young's for a couple of days last week. We had been planning the trip for a while and were so excited that it was finally time! Our kiddos all get along so well that they were super excited to spend a couple of nights together.

Brandon, the kids and I got there Thursday afternoon and set up our campsite in the blazing heat! You would not believe how hot it was! I had to take a cold shower within about an hour of being there and it didn't cool down until probably 2 am. We waited at the campsite for the Young's to get there and set up their site and then we headed to dinner! It was nice to go out to eat rather than cook at the campsite so we could get out of the heat for a little bit. After dinner we went back to camp and hung out. It was still so hot that it was hard to do anything besides just sit there but we played a little corn hole and ladder golf the boys played some baseball and we sat around and enjoyed the company. The kids wanted to make s'mores so badly but it was way to hot for a fire so we opted not to do it that night.
Friday morning we headed to the lake for some beach time. The kids had a great time and even though it was again super hot, being in the lake helped us keep cool. The rest of the day was spent at camp where it finally cooled down and then poured rain on and off for the rest of the night but we were so happy that it cooled down that the rain didn't bother us at all and.....the kids got to make their s'mores that night.

We had a great time although I felt bad that whole time thinking that we weren't very good company to the Youngs. With me being 8 months pregnant, Ali having a hurt foot and it being so hot I felt like we weren't much fun to be with. Well, hopefully we can do it again next year under different circumstances and we will be much more fun to hang out with. Thanks for a great couple of days!


Ali sitting by the fire,notice her foot it's the next post to come!

Mitch and Peyton are great buddies!

Sadie snuck in our tent and took a picture of Mitch sleeping

notice the foot up again

Gavin (i mean bishop Young) & B playing corn hole

a nice cool dinner

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kim said...

Looks fun! I want to go camping. for some reason it just never fits in the schedule.