Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have to say, if it weren't for good friends, i'm not sure I would have made it out here in Ohio especially during my pregnancy, birth and since with no family around and Brandon traveling so much!

One friend in-particular( <- is this right), has brought me many meals, loaned me maternity clothes, given me baby clothes, held the crying baby so I could clean my house, dropped Ali off or picked her up at b-day parties and activity days, watched the baby so B and I could go out to dinner, made many phone calls to see how we are doing, had us over for dinner and lunch, changed poopy diapers...........should I keep going!

You know who you are~~~ THANK YOU! :)

To all of my friends, thanks for taking care of us!

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Anna said...

It's so good to have such great friends. I'm glad you have great ones there to help you out.