Monday, March 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

I love Christmas, and this year was especially fun with Brady being here, even though he was little!

The Tree after Santa Came, before the kids got to it!
A little small!

Christmas was fun this year. I think the kids got most everything they wanted except iphones and trampolines! Ali got the super cute Miss Me jeans from grandma that she wanted, Mitch finally got the xbox 360 that he has been asking for, for years!!! Brady, well, he got a Johnny jump up from Santa and the bug exersaucer from grandma and one little toy from B and I but he sure got spoiled from the rest of the family!

It's always hard to be away from family during the holidays but its great to spend they day with just our little family! We don't get many day's where we are all home, all day together and dad is actually in town so it was a nice time to be together!

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