Monday, March 5, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011~

Better late than never! Yummy, we make cream rolls every year to give out to our friend and neighbors although I think next year I may be cutting down my list! And of course I had to make more for Christmas Morning!!!

We didn't have Heidi for Christmas but we did get to see her on Christmas Eve. We had a few gifts for her. She was super excited to get her princess dress ups, sit and spin and puzzles.
Shes a cutie. Just like one of our own. We've almost had her for 2 years now, she's just another one of the family!
We had fun spending the night with some of our friends at the Phillips. They invited us over for Fondue which is always a big hit. Of course because we love cheese and chocolate!!! Its always fun being away from home to have good friends to spend the holidays with.
Brandon and Brady listening to the rest of us sing Christmas Carols!
And the traditional jammies that they get to open on Christmas Eve. Its the only night we will ever get Mitch to wear actual pajamas!

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