Wednesday, January 16, 2013

it's a new year! 2013

Wow, time flies!!! My blogging has been pretty pathetic the past year but one of my New Years Resolution's is to get back at it so hopefully, I can start doing a little better.

Heres just a little update...

Mitch is 14 and  a freshman at Avon Lake High School this year, he played quarterback on the football team last fall and is just starting to get ready for baseball tryouts.  This whole high school thing is new to us and soooo different from when we were in high school! Mitch continues to love sports and as always loves baseball!! He will hopefully be playing for the high school as well as on his travel team this year. We are getting excited for baseball season!  School has been hard for him but he is really working on it and trying to do better.  Mitch started early morning Seminary this year and has to be there at 5:40am and now he has baseball and football every morning starting at 5:30 too so now we have too many things going on before school and no way to do them all.  Mitch of course would rather sleep then do any of them!!! He is pretty busy between sports, scouts, mutual, and school and doesn't have time for much else but he plays with Brady as much a possible and likes to spend time with his dad when he can.  Oh, and he keeps growing and is 6"4 so far!

Ali is in 7th grade and in middle school.  She is our social butterfly and spends way too much time with her friends!!! (well, I would just like her to spend more time with me)!  She does well in school and I think although she won't admit it she kinda likes it!!! She stopped doing gymnastics because she felt like it was taking too much time away from other things but she is still doing softball and loves it and is taking an acro class as well. She made a travel team for softball and will be trying out for the middle school team as well.  She is becoming a beautiful young women and is growing up WAY too fast.  Every once in a while she trys to put on a little make up but Brandon gets mad and makes her take it off!  She's really into clothes, hair, accessories, perfume and lots of other fun girly stuff!!!  She loves Young Women's and mutual activities but I'm not so sure she likes having her mom as her teacher!! She likes to tell me how to do my lessons!  Shes a good girl and loves Brady so much.  I can't imagine what I would do without her and her help with him.  

Brady is 16 months and a super fun and happy boy.  He is getting so BIG!! He loves to play!! Loves, dogs, barney, treats, bottles, binkies, shoes, balls.  He throws everything, so you better watch out!!!  His most recent words are basketball, thank you and is constantly saying "i got basketball".  it's so so cute!!! 
He climbs on anything and everything, he loves to dance, he can throw a ball and swing a bat like no other 1 year old (besides Mitch at that age) i guess its in the genes.   This is a baby that knows what he wants and will get it no matter what it takes.  He won't take no for an answer.  Hes growing up so fast and I can't believe we lived without him for so long.  He makes me laugh everyday and makes life so much more fun and exciting.  

Well, heres to a new year, some new posts and new things to come!!!!

Check back soon, hopefully I will be able to keep up!!!


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