Saturday, February 2, 2013

Is this day 5 or 6?

With nothing but a house full of sickness there's been no time to blog, and actually since we have an Open House tomorrow I really shouldn't be sitting here now instead of cleaning.

Anyway, 9 lbs down this morning!!! Ya me!!! So far this has not been too bad other than stressing about how to keep paying for the food with money that I don't have.  
Most of the food I have tried has not been bad.  A few things I have figured out how to Dr them up to make them taste better and your tastebuds change a little bit but after almost a week,everything now is pretty good however, I haven't really ventured out and gotten crazy with too many recipes yet.  

For some reason, I have it in my mind that if I eat too many medifast actual meals (soup,cereal,pancakes etc.) i'm not going to loose as much weight as I would if I just ate 1 or two of those and had bars and shakes for the rest of the meals.  I wonder if i'm crazy!!!

Its a crazy thing how your body works.  Before I started TSFL I was so tired all the time I could hardly function.  I could not get out of bed in the morning and as soon as the kids went to school I would go back to bed as sleep for as long as Brady would let me.  Now, I am not as tired as I was at all.  Don't get me wrong I still love to have a Saturday or Sunday afternoon nap but I didn't feel like I was so tired I  couldn't function anymore.  Another thing, I never realized until this week how picky about eating I really am and also how much I'm eating out of habit rather than for being hungry.  I have found over these last 5 day that i'm really not having cravings for the foods that I can't have (except I did see a commercial for twizzlers and would have loved some but, I didn't obsess over it like normally I would when having a craving) but have noticed that when I go to give Brady a snack i want to eat one to not because I hungry or having cravings but because before TSFL I would give him one and I would eat one.  It became a habit.  

Anyway, im on my way 31 lbs left to lose!!!

Wish me luck!!!


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