Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend!!! We had our first cookout of the season on Thursday night. Had some friends over and bbq'd and sat around the fire. It was a lot of fun except we were constantly pulling the Atkins twins (Aiden and Addy) away from the fire. Stressful but we had a good time!

Friday night we went to our friends the Johnson's and hung out (the pee party, if you don't get if read the last post).
Saturday we dyed our Easter eggs and then had three families from our neighborhood over for another bbq. We had a house full of kids and a ton of food!

Before we dyed the eggs B told the kids we were starting a new
tradition and everyone had to drop and egg to crack it and then eat it. So he dropped his, then Mitch dropped his and when Ali dropped hers......it hadn't been boiled!! Yuck!

I love bright colors!

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