Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glass Etching Project

So this was my first attempt in glass etching but it was soooo easy! I'm pretty sure i will do it more!

I took this old glass platter that I have had since I got married 14 yrs ago and added our name to it.

I used my cricut to make the stencil of our name. To do this you have to type your name into the cricut backwards and then press the flip button in order for the letters to look right. (you only have to do this if you are putting the word on the bottom or under side of the glass).
I used a piece of vinyl to cut out the stencil. Once it was cut out, i removed the letters and placed the stencil on the under side of the platter. I brushed on the etching cream and in 30 minutes DONE! EASY PEASY!

**side note, next time I will be more careful not to get the cream around the edges of the stencil. you will notice that you can see a rectangle around the letters!! bummer, oh well!

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