Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Football Time! #12

We are so excited that Mitch decided to play football this year and we were even more excited when he came home from the first day of practice and told us he tried out for quarterback. We never expected that he would even want to play quarterback so we were quite shocked when he told us and he ended up making it as the starting quarterback for his team! Way to go Mitch!.

He had his first game yesterday and did an awesome job both at quarterback and safety! His team did awesome and ended up winning the game 12 -6.

It was such an awesome experience as a parent to watch him play the entire game as quarterback and then have all the parents come up to us afterward and tell us what an awesome job he did! We couldn't have been more proud!

Way to go boys! Can't wait for the next game!

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Lauren -HCP said...

Go Mitch! That's awesome!